Community Enrichment Program

Community Enrichment Program

The Community Enrichment Program provides fun and safe opportunities for individuals with disabilities to get out into the community to learn, to grow, and to share experiences with others. The objectives of the Community Enrichment Program include:

communityenrichstore• Community Living Skills – Individuals develop and practice the skills required for community living. These may include the ability to go to a store and purchase an item, ask for help from a store clerk, order food in a restaurant, access community resources like the library, and participate in community activities.

• Socialization Skills – Individuals gain skills necessary to interact with others (working, communication, recreation, forming new and meaningful relationships in the community).

• Recreation Skills – Individuals identify leisure time opportunities available within the community which help foster and create specific skills necessary to participate in recreational activities of interest, and develop social skills necessary to participate in individual activities.

Activities of the Community Enrichment Program include, but are not limited to:

  • Tours of area businesses
  • Visits to the library and area parks
  • A winter bowling league
  • Dances and celebrations
  • Going out to lunch at area restaurants
  • Shopping at area stores
  • Cooking classes
  • Health care presentations
  • Food preparation
  • Participation in Community Events in a Tri County area
  • Cultural presentations and activities